GRASADA is a company based in Jakarta - Indonesia, working in the Marble and Granite stone industry. The company has been established since 1995 and has been growing steadily to become one of the most innovative and modern companies in the business. The company was started as a trading company, focusing mainly on importing stones from around Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries.



In the year 2007, GRASADA expanded its business by acquiring local Marble mining concessions in Maros area, in South Sulawesi province. This quickly grew into several more concessions in other areas in Pangkep, South Sulawesi.

With its new and modern mining equipments, GRASADA quickly became one of the most significant Marble Quarry owning companies, producing a wide range of Marble blocks and slabs, in various colors such as, Cream, Mocca, Light Grey, and Dark Grey color.



In the year 2009, GRASADA built a Marble and Granite Factory just on the outskirt of Jakarta. This factory was built for the purpose of processing raw marble blocks and slabs into finished products.

With its Gangsaw Machine, Polishing Machine, and Cutting Machine the raw blocks from the company’s own Marble Quarries, as well as imported Blocks from Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries are processed into finished Marble slabs and cut-to-size tiles.

The factory, located just outside Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, allows customers and clients to easily stop by and visit the place to inspect and select materials needed for their project.



High quality stones at affordable price – is a tagline that suits GRASADA’s local products. Whether a customer is looking for a basic clean cream marble stones for the main hall in his house, or for a more elegant grey colored tiles for the bathroom, we have them all.

Despite popular belief that imported product is always better than local one, GRASADA’s local marble stones are without a doubt able to compete with the more high-end imported materials, as they have been exported to various countries such as Australia, Korea and Malaysia for numerous times.



For a wider range of color and pattern choices, customers and clients are also able to select materials from GRASADA’s Import Section. Ranging from the more common Italian white and cream marbles, to colorful red or black and silver granite and marbles, customers will surely find types of materials that will suit their need.

With its wide variety, continuous supply from local Quarries, Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries, long experience and full commitment GRASADA has been trusted to supply materials for many housing and building projects in Jakarta and other Indonesian cities, as well as cities abroad.



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